About Us

Our Vision

To be an innovative, enterprising and ethical sustainable development
company, that actively secures the best interests of its clients and responsibly contributes to the enhancement of life in terms of the social, economic and environmental benefits

  • To make sustainable development achievable and accessible to all.
  • A better life through sustainable development
  • To make sustainable development achievable and accessible to all.
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Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life through the provision of services and solutions, to individuals, businesses, and organizations that promote sustainability and resilience, based on a defined community perspective.

  • The building of trust and mutual respect through honest, truthful and affirming communication
  • The promotion of empowering, interdependent relationships and the connection of disparate elements into a functional whole
  • Agreement, consensus and partnership in decision-making
  • The subordination of individual interest and the valuing and prioritizing of corporate well being
  • The promotion of sustainable development through corporate synergy - the leveraging of individual responsibility and contribution

Our Community Covenants

  • Customers/clients :We provide to our clients, knowledge and expertise, skill and innovation, quality and authenticity, dependability and reliability
  • Partners: To our partners, we uphold honesty and transparency, quality and authenticity, skill and expertise, professional respect and regard
  • Employees : Our employees are a treasured asset. We espouse value and regard, growth and development, justice and fairness, destiny and purpose
  • Industry : We are committed to providing professional and ethical standards, leadership and innovation
  • Public/ Society: Social progress and environmental responsibility is an significant underlying principle in all that we do

Our Core Values

  • Integrity : We are consistently principled in all that we do
  • Excellence: We value competence and strive for excellence and thoroughness in the provision of service
  • Innovation: Our creativity is driven by a resolute commitment to purpose
  • Collaboration: We value the principles of mutual respect, interdependence and teamwork
  • Development Oriented: We are focused on personal development, adding value and empowerment of employees, clients and other stakeholders

Akin Looby : CEO + Sustainability Strategist

Akin is a sustainability consultant, registered architect and qualified project
manager with over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. He is also
an EDGE Auditor and project management lecturer and trainer.

He has held senior positions in Architectural, Construction and Real Estate
Development Companies. Akin has been involved in the design, project
management and construction of various types of projects including
commercial, manufacturing, land development, residential, institutional, and

Akin holds a BArch and BSc in Architectural Engineering from the University
of Miami, MSc in Economics from the University of the West Indies and holds
the PMP credential from the Project Management Institute.

Akin Looby
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